Precisely regulate energy consumption and quit wasting money by utilizing your household’s unique Activity Patterns data. Activity Patterns allow you to optimize your thermostat’s settings based on actual usage.

How Do Activity Patterns Work?

The Activity Patterns program functions by connecting with your security and automation systems to monitor the day to day activities of your home or office. Once enough data has been gathered, you can then begin to use the information provided by your Activity Patterns to design the perfect Smart Schedule needed to accurately regulate temperature and more. By integrating the Activity Pattern data into planning your schedules, you will begin to see a more efficient way of managing your energy consumption.

It’s Easy to Use Activity Patterns!

You can program your Smart Schedules manually by entering in your own desired settings, or you can check the Smart Schedules Activity Patterns box on the app to view recommendations. Make changes to any of these settings at anytime simply by logging in to the app from your smart device.

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