Lock and unlock your doors with unique codes or with your smart device from anywhere in the world at anytime by using remote access.

osilocksiphone2Automated Locks Provide Premier Security

Keep your home secured like never before when you integrate One Source Innovation into your locking system.  Protect your family by receiving real-time alerts by text or email every time someone unlocks your door. You can also set the rest of your locks to arm simultaneously after locking just one door. There’s never been a more convenient way to protect your home and yourself.

Automated Locks Provide Safe and Convenient Entry for Guests

Our locks are controlled by unique codes or by remote access using a smart device. This means instead of having to hand out keys to visitors who need access to your home or office, you can now provide them with a specific code. Using Alarm.com’s friendly application, you will be able to monitor each and every time that particular code is used. When the visitor no longer requires access, simply delete the code.  Never again worry about anyone returning the keys or someone creating duplicates for the chance to burglarize your home or office.

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