Beam Central Vacuum Systems provide the industry’s newest generation of central vacuums. The single-motor operating unit is the quietest available on the market today! Your Beam Central Vacuum System will come with a variety of attachments, and weighs less than you can imagine. The next generation of Beam; it’s clean, healthier living built in. It’s fresh thinking built in.


Why Choose Beam Central Vacuum Systems?

QUIET – Built in technology allow for quieter cleaning since the motor of the vacuum is located away from the living area. In fact, Beam’s Central Vacuum’s are quieter than most household appliances.

LIGHTWEIGHT – A Beam Central Vacuum hose only weighs seven pounds! Easily maneuver stairs, upholstery, under furniture, ceilings and blinds!

CLEANER – Beam Central Vacuums remove 100% of contacted dirt and debris from every surface. Your Beam Central Vacuum will also come with a self cleaning filter.

REDUCES ALLERGIES – Beam Central Vacuum removes pollutants from the home and is recommended by allergists to help alleviate problems caused by allergies. Using a Beam Central Vacuum can help improve air quality as well.

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