One Source Innovation is available to provide services to any of our area churches. We can work on your existing equipment, or help with the installation of new equipment. We service and install any of the following and more!

Why are These Services Important for Churches?

Church Acoustical Design

If your church’s auditorium has not been built with a proper acoustical design, your sermons and songs will not be heard correctly regardless of if a PA System is installed. Learn more –>

Church PA System

After your church has had its acoustical room design evaluated and corrected, the next step is installing, upgrading, or repairing a PA System. Learn more –>

Projection Screens for Churches

Broadcast your message, scriptures, and song lyrics to everyone in large easy to read formats. Keep everyone in the church on the same page with a projection screen. Learn more –>

If you have any questions about what we can do for your church, even if it’s not listed above, contact us today. We offer many different services and products available to fit anyone’s budget and needs.

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