Take control of your electric bill when you automate your house with One Source Innovation’s complete Energy Management system, powered by Alarm.com.

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Save money each month by using any of these easy to navigate features!


With One Source Innovation, it has never been easier to keep the temperature in your house comfortable while keeping your energy bill affordable! Set up Smart Schedules for your family, monitor Activity Patterns, use Geo-Services and more to discover the most efficient way to heat and cool your home!


Welcome to the future! You can now program your entire home to perform certain actions at certain scheduled times with One Source Innovation and Smart Schedules powered by Alarm.com! Completely customize thermostats, lighting, and more by time and days of the week.


Geo-Services from One Source Innovation powered by Alarm.com provides added convenience by allowing you to set your home or office to automatically adjust to your preferred settings when in range. You can also set your program to perform certain actions when you leave, such as arming your security system.


Precisely regulate energy consumption and quit wasting money by utilizing your household’s unique Activity Patterns data. Activity Patterns allow you to optimize your thermostat’s settings based on actual usage.


One Source Innovation offers you the most innovative way to control the lighting in your home! The best part is, everything can be adjusted from your smart device at anywhere and anytime.

Key Benefits

  • Save on your electric bill each month
  • Control your lightingthermostat, and more from anywhere
  • Turn on your heat and air exactly when you need it, even when you’re not at home
  • Use Geo-Services to activate your heat, air, or lighting, when you’re in range of your home

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