Q: How difficult is it operate and understand home automation products?

A: Home automation controls are very intuitive to use. Our staff will review all the operating systems with you and make sure you are comfortable on all aspects of your equipment. And if you happen to forget we are just a call away.

Q: Can you work with my architect, contractor, or designer?

A: Yes we are flexible and more than happy to work with any third party you may have in the design building phase of your project.

Q: What is the typical payment plan to get started?

A: We require a down payment equal to the equipment sales price of in some cases 50% deposit of the total project cost. Final payment is due at completion.

Q: Are there service plans available on the equipment and installation?

A: Yes, we offer a 90 day warranty on installation. Equipment warranties vary based on the manufacturer. We also offer service plans to cover additional service calls beyond the normal warranty period.

Q: Do you charge design fees?

A: In house design is included in our process on most projects. If an outside architect is needed to assist on a project then those cost are included as a pass through to our customer. We do not mark them up.

Q: Do you just service Fort Smith, AR?

A: No. We service Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and the River Valley. We also provide service for vacation homes that are out of state. Vacation homes are handled on a case by case basis. Contact us to find out more.

Q: Where do you offer Security & Fire Alarm Systems?

A: We are licensed in the state of Arkansas to provide Monitored Security & Fire Alarm Systems (License # E2103-0042). We offer Security/Fire Alarm Systems and Surveillance Systems over the entire state of Arkansas.

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