With One Source Innovation, know the moment there is an emergency in your home or office. With our interactive security system, you have the option to receive fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring services. Stay up to date with any emergencies that occur within your home with real-time alerts sent by text or email. Never again will you need to worry about catastrophe while you’re away.

Interactive Fire, Smoke, Flood, and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Our interactive system is an invaluable service to handle emergencies when you’re not at home. All programs have many different options that allow you to completely customize your own unique preferences. If you opt to receive text or email alerts, you will be notified¬†immediately in the case of an emergency. Details will be sent explaining which alarm has been triggered and at what time.

Examples of features you can choose from:

Programming your heat or air system to turn off in the event of a carbon monoxide detection in order to prevent further circulation.
Set commands to send video or pictures from the triggered fire alarm. This allows you to accurately assess the situation regardless of your location.
Receive alerts notifying you which area the flood censor was triggered in. By having this information sent to you as soon as it happens, your response time is fast allowing you to react quickly to a busted pipe, or worse.

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With One Source Innovation, you will know about emergencies immediately.

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