Automate your garage door for added security and convenience. Receive alerts for garage door openings or close your garage door all from your smart device from where ever you are!

Garage Door Control

Did you forget to close the garage door? Again? Are you having a visitor that needs access to items, but you’re on vacation and can’t get home to open the garage door? Maybe you’re just concerned that someone will open your garage door when you aren’t at home and try and get into your home. Either way, when you automate your garage door with One Source Automation and Alarm.com, you will never have to worry about these issues again.

Key Benefits

  • When your security systems arms, your garage door can be set to automatically close, relieving you of the responsibility of having to remember.
  • You can receive alerts if garage door was left open, and then simply close it yourself from your smart device.
  • You can also receive alerts every time your garage door opens, then use your interactive security features to monitor who is in your home.

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