Geo-Services from One Source Innovation powered by Alarm.com provides added convenience by allowing you to set your home or office to automatically adjust to your preferred settings when in range. You can also set your program to perform certain actions when you leave, such as arming your security system.

See How it Works

Geo-Services is Location Based

When you create a “geo-fence” around the area of your home or office, your system will then realize when you are in or out of range. Geo-Services will perform your desired set of functions based on whether you are leaving or returning. This can be applied to personal use only, or for the entire family.

Key Benefits

  • Program your thermostats to switch on energy-saving mode while you’re away. You can have the settings adjust back to your personal settings when you’re within range again.
  • Receive alerts if you have crossed your geo-fence and forgotten to arm your home or office.
  • Program your garage door, lights, security system, and more to adjust to certain settings when you pull into your driveway.

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