Having a security system that is interactive means maintaining a safer home. Monitor your home from anywhere through your smart device using any of our Home Security features.

Home Security Benefits:

  • No phone lines or Internet Connection required
  • Control your entire security system from your smart device
  • Check in on your home or office while on vacation
  • Receive real-time alerts about the status of your home or office by text or email
  • Tamper resistent technology
  • Reduce false alarms, and police visits, by accurately assessing the reason for the emergency by using video monitoring and real-time alerts to provide law enforcement with correct information

Use any of our Home Security services to better protect your home or office.

Integrate your home security system into your whole house automation system for amazing results. Not only will you have the most secure environment possible, you will be able to monitor it all, in real-time, directly from your smart device at anywhere and anytime.

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