Our image sensor is an invaluable product to have in addition to your Interactive Security system. Program the image sensor to capture pictures when someone enters your home, when your security alarms are tripped, when your garage door is opened, and more.

Image Sensor Features:

  • No wires, or cords–all wireless, and battery operated
  • Receive text and email alerts containing images based on your desired programmable notifications
  • See the exact moment your children arrive home from school, and who is with them
  • Night vision capability captures clear pictures even in the dark
  • Innovative technology allows Pet Immunity-no unnecessary photos of pets because of movement
  • Check in on visitors inside and outside of your home, like maids and lawnscapers

3 Reasons why our Image Sensor is the best


  1. Technology – Top-of-the-line technology is involved in the creation of our Image Sensor. You will be able to monitor your home using passive infrared sensor that will capture images while observing Pet Immunity. The camera is color and is also capable of taking high quality pictures even in the dark.
  2. Interaction – Effectively reduce the false alarms of your security system by being able to identify and verify the status of your home at all times. Make your home as safe as possible by receiving text or email alerts from your Image Sensor, which enable you to have quick reaction time in the event of an emergency.
  3. Customization – Control what images you want to capture, and when, with our completely customizable Image Sensor features. Program specific days and times you want the Image Sensor to be active for, leave it on at all times, or request images whenever you want.

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