One Source Innovation uses state-of-the-art technology from top-of-the-line producers. We will help you find the perfect projection screen for your home theater room.

Projection Screen Types

Fixed Projection Screens


Motorized Projection Screen


Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen


Why Projection Screens?

  • SIZE – No other viewing machine is available in the size that projection screens are available in.
  • IMAGE – The best way to get a large high quality picture is through a projection screen. Yes, TVs these days are becoming larger, but they still cannot provide the same high quality as a projection screen can. This is the same reason movie theaters still rely on projection screens to deliver cinema quality.
  • SCIENCE – Projection screens have been carefully designed to deliver the best quality picture available to compliment the projector itself.
  • EXPERIENCE – An authentic movie theater experience calls for using a projector screen. Without one, it just really isn’t the same, is it?

See some of our projectors here.

Projection Screens for Commercial Use

Do you need to provide visual information to a large group of people? Take your presentations to the next level by displaying them on a projection screen. Our custom projection screens can be used in many different places such as your office, churches, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and schools!

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