Welcome to the future! You can now program your entire home to perform certain actions at certain scheduled times with One Source Innovation and Smart Schedules powered by Alarm.com! Completely customize thermostats, lighting, and more by time and days of the week.

Smart Schedule Control

If having the convenience of a home that thinks for itself sounds ideal, then you need to find out more about Smart Schedules. It’s easy to set and maintain your Smart Schedules. You can even use your personal¬†Activity Patterns to design a better Smart Schedule. Not only is Smart Schedule good for energy management, it is a great tool to utilize in conjunction with your security system.

Key Benefits

  • Set up different schedules for when you’re at home or on vacation
  • Program lights to stay on after security alarm has been triggered
  • Schedule lights to turn off when you leave in the mornings to help manage electricity
  • For added security, program lights to come on before your normal arrival time in the evening
  • Set lights to turn on after your security system is disarmed at home or the office–or both!

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