View what’s going on at your home or business whenever you want with One Source Innovation’s video monitoring service. Many different customizable options make it easy to get what you want.

Video Monitoring Key Benefits:

  • Set up schedules to record events at certain times, such as a setting to record between the times 3:30 and 4:00 to view when your children get home from school.
  • Add security by programming an image sensor to capture motion on video whenever someone opens your door, or pulls into your driveway.
  • Have any video alerts sent to you by text or email
  • View past recorded clips from secure, tamper proof off-site video storage.
  • Check in on your pets whenever!
  • Check in on nanny’s and babysitters to monitor what’s happening in your home with your children
  • Set a camera to point at your business’s cash register, safe, or vault to monitor transactions and decrease employee theft.

If you already have home security cameras, no problem! Most can be easily integrated with our interactive video monitoring services.

Different Uses for Video Monitoring

Real time video of your property viewable by using your smart device. Available anytime and anywhere
Set preferences to capture videos based on motion or even schedule event recordings. You can access videos and view them later.
Receive video alerts by text or email when a desired action occurs, such as a door opening or movement happening in a certain area of your home. All preferences are completely customizable.

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